The Season of Goodwill



Nowadays, when most people think of Christmas, they think of shopping.  In the case of the London, we think, Oxford Street Lights, Boxing Day Sales and mass consumerism without any shamefaced restraint.  But most of us are aware that this wasn’t what Christmas was originally supposed to be about.  Quite apart from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, there was, at the very least since before the beginning of the Victorian Era the concept of “Goodwill to all men”.  This now seems to have morphed into “Goodwill to all me”.


Where we once revered the concept of Christmas being a time to be grateful for what we have and share with those who have less, the season now seems to be about home comforts, spoiling ourselves and buying lots of gifts for the people we love the most. I’m not judging any of that – I thoroughly agree that everyone deserves to enjoy their lives and give joy to those they love. However, my modus operandi has always been about attempting to ensure that everyone has access to a fair and equal chance to live well. So, for me, Christmas is definitely a time to reflect on how we can best share our resources to make everyone’s lives better, regardless of religious or cultural viewpoint.


Instead of the Season of Goodwill, how about we rename Christmas as the season of Good Social Entrepreneurial Spirit?  We can still buy, consume and enjoy (the entrepreneurial part) and at the same time, share, give and empower (the social part). My career has thankfully been a perfect marriage of the social and the enterprise, despite a few bumps in the road, and I’d like to share with you how I achieved this.


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