I have known Nyasha for many years, having met when I was President of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs, of which Nyasha became a Member.

Nyasha always had other people in mind when doing what she does best, being entrepreneurial, so certainly her experience of life and tips for business are a must read from which we can all learn.

Tanya Hine OBE FRSA


Nyasha is an inspiration to us all.  She is not only standing tall and being counted but also asserting her right and place in the history books

Ben Manaba NELFT, NHS Foundation Trust


We have every reason to feel proud of one of our own!!!

Nyasha , you’re amazing. We look to you! May God continue to bless you.


Mutsa Mandizha


Nyasha you are a true inspiration to many!

 Susan Makore ZiFM CEO


Congratulations on writing an awe inspiring book! Well done and keep writing, we can’t wait for the next additions.

Mary Ann Mandishona


Walk With Me is a tonic with three vital ingredients: revelation, inspiration and motivation. Since life is an endurance event, not a sprint, what Nyasha learned on her epic Thames walk are lessons that we can – and should – all apply in our lives. The book also reveals great leadership insights. Along the journey, we get a glimpse into the traits and attitudes that have brought Nyasha success as an entrepreneur, as well as won her so many friends and admirers. Whatever your personal aspirations or professional goals, Walk With Me is a moving guidebook for turning those dreams into reality.

Dr Wayne Visser, Founder Director of Kaleidoscope Futures and author of Sustainable Frontiers


Nyasha’s book is a fantastic tool to understand that success is a journey and our job is to decide for our first step and find the right path. Her journey is very inspiring not merely because it is written on the River Thames but because it underlines how we can realise the flow and the rivers that derive within us. We can read her spirit, as a woman that has the strength to inspire many others and lead by example.

Mirela Sula, editor in chief of Global Woman magazine


Nyasha has been a fighter all her life: fighting prejudice, bureaucracy and pitfalls along the way. Her walk along the Thames provided her with clarity, determination and purpose and we are the beneficiaries.
Lady Val Corbett, Lady Val’s Professional Women’s Network

We are all so busy these days and dependent on technology that the idea of leaving all of that behind and walking for sixteen days along the Thames is something that most of us could not even contemplate. There is no doubt that leaving everything behind for a period of time is good for the soul and Nyasah Gwatidzo’s book demonstrates that. The overwhelming message is that we should all put everything aside for a period of time occasionally and contemplate where we are and where we are going.

Nicola Horlick, CEO of Money & Co


Inspiring life wisdom from this award-winning social entrepreneur pioneer. Practical, actionable advice to help you attain your goals and dreams from one who has overcome all the odds.

Nyasha Gwatidzo’s life of building her social enterprise testifies to her dedication to improving the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children and adults in the UK and Africa. Read this book and learn the guiding principles that helped drive her success.

Matthew Powell, CEO & Director, Primax Ltd., International Corporate Counsel, Strategy and Management Consultant


I first met Nyasha when she became one of the first members of my SEED women’s enterprise network in the UK some fifteen years ago. She has always been a great believer in women’s networking in her own warm, nurturing style and she intrigued me from the beginning with her new way of working with social enterprise and the fostering of young children.

We became good friends after she came to one of my BLOOM women’s creative leadership retreats in Mallorca and I realized that this quiet, humble woman was in fact a top academic who had created a highly successful business from nothing and was a visionary who always seemed to stepping up to her next big idea and making sure it happened.

Alongside bringing up her own family, Nyasha has always cared deeply for children in need so it is not surprising that she has created her own Vana Trust charity where she raises funds to educate girls in her country of Zimbabwe alongside running a farm for disadvantaged children in the UK where they can experience being close to animals and growing food in the UK.

Nyasha faces everything she decides to do with a huge amount of determination and although I was surprised when she announced she was going to walk the length of the Thames as she would be the first to admit to not being that sporty, her determination to raise more funds for her charity took her across the country with enthusiasm and high energy.

The walk is where she got the inspiration for this important book where she shares her secrets on how to be a successful, caring businesswoman, changemaker, mother and grandmother who is responsible for helping improve the lives of thousands of children for the better over the years as well as inspiring and mentoring other business woman by her own achievements.

The book is a must-read and we can all learn from Nyasha how we too can make our visions and dreams come true!

Lynne Franks, author of The SEED Handbook, the feminine way to do business and founder of the SEED Network