How social entrepreneurship is affecting change?



As the world changes, so does business.  Nowhere can this be seen more than in the growth of social entrepreneurship.  And what this means is that as social entrepreneurs, we need to learn to be confident enough in our beliefs not to get caught up in current trends and fashions in the new and growing world of social innovation.  Yes, we need to be aware of change and be willing to grow.  After all, social enterprise embodies the ability to see an existing negative situation and come up with positive ways to change it. The demand is a problem and the supply is a solution.  However, we also need to do business with integrity and respect (especially where people in need are concerned) and not just jump on the band wagon without regard for the potential impact – side effects of providing a positive solution can sometimes make the initial problem worse.  Factor this in when planning your social enterprise and make sure you have contingencies to balance out potentially negative knock-on effects of your services or products.

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