The movement towards social change

After reading  A Background Paper on the Performance and Impact of Social Entrepreneurs  by Professor Dr Wolfgang Hein, a political scientist and senior research fellow at GIGA (German Institute of Global and Areas Studies, Hamburg), I was again struck by the impetus of the movement toward social change through enterprise. I myself have been involved in social enterprise for many years, building a successful social enterprise and thereby Turning My Dreams Into Profit, also the title of my workshop which is taking place on Saturday 17th December at the SSE in Waterloo Time and again, others asked me to mentor them and teach them how I was able to take my desire to help those in need and achieve long-lasting, successful results. This is what eventually prompted me to start sharing my experience and knowledge with others in the forms of events, workshops and public speaking.


I found Dr. Hein’s paper fascinating – it was largely based on visits to eight social enterprises, in Latin America and East Africa. His paper explored how social enterprises view themselves and what their ethical foundation is. This is also something I explore in my workshops and I refer to it as an insight into how your beliefs and values become a navigation tool along your social entrepreneurial journey. I also impart how to handle the business side of things and plan the set up of a sustainable business. This is also something Dr. Hein looks at when he questions the social enterprises about “various economic issues related to their success (mobilising financial resources, organising the enterprise, creating social, political, and economic networks, and positioning the business in appropriate value chains).”


I also believe that how results are monitored and social entrepreneurial impact on the challenge or problem being addressing is critical.  This is reflected in Dr. Hein’s paper when he examines the enterprises’ “contributions to poverty reduction and inclusive growth”.


Another area I felt resonated with the issues I cover in my teaching was the ” complex problems of evaluating the impact of a social enterprise on social “change-making”.   After all, it is very nice to have a dream of having a positive impact on social change.  It is even better to try to do something about that dream. However, without the correct implementation tools, so many social entrepreneurs fall by the wayside before they have really brought their plans to fruition.  This is exactly what I help you to avoid so do visit my next workshop to learn what it really takes to make your social enterprise work and Turn Your Dreams Into Profit

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