To have faith or not to have faith? That IS the question


Since Mother Theresa went to Calcutta, social enterprises with faith-based motivations haven’t really been seen as businesses.  I believe this could be potentially dangerous as regulations may not follow the normal path. The result of this could be a negative impact on those being helped, with the justification of “this is God’s work”.  As Helder Camara once said: “The poor are not the raw material for your salvation.”  No truer word was ever spoken because one of the biggest mistakes a social entrepreneur can ever make is to blindly justify their actions as being inherently right because they are ‘divinely inspired’ to help others.  A social entrepreneur should be like a pilot.  Always ready to be flexible and adjust navigation according to conditions and events or simply, learning something new.  At the same time, the destination should be clear and only abandoned if continuing towards that point becomes dangerous.  This is practicality with a heart, nothing to do with religious or cultural beliefs directly.


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