To have faith or not to have faith? That IS the question

Since Mother Theresa went to Calcutta, social enterprises with faith-based motivations haven’t really been seen as businesses.  I believe this could be potentially dangerous as regulations may not follow the normal path. The result of this could be a negative impact on those being helped, with the justification of “this is God’s work”.  As Helder Camara once … Continued

Helping others whilst spending..

I recently came across the GiftsForGood Christmas Sale on and found it to be a really interesting take on social contribution and marketing.  For me, it has all the markings of the typical over-the-top semi-aggressive marketing style, urging you to buy at Christmas with the USP being that by contributing to consumerism, you are actually … Continued

The movement towards social change

After reading  A Background Paper on the Performance and Impact of Social Entrepreneurs  by Professor Dr Wolfgang Hein, a political scientist and senior research fellow at GIGA (German Institute of Global and Areas Studies, Hamburg), I was again struck by the impetus of the movement toward social change through enterprise. I myself have been involved in social … Continued

The Season of Goodwill

  Nowadays, when most people think of Christmas, they think of shopping.  In the case of the London, we think, Oxford Street Lights, Boxing Day Sales and mass consumerism without any shamefaced restraint.  But most of us are aware that this wasn’t what Christmas was originally supposed to be about.  Quite apart from celebrating the … Continued

The S.E.I and How It Has Found Its Identity

  The social entrepreneurship industry was acknowledged for its usefulness when a group of NGO heads were invited to the first-ever social entrepreneur’s session at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2003. That was really the start of social entrepreneurs thinking of themselves in terms of Warren Buffet AND Mother Theresa, a very positive … Continued

Social Innovation and the Social Entrepreneur

One of the definitions of the social innovation I have seen is “a new solution to an existent social problem that is more successful, efficient, sustainable or fair than previous solutions”. The positive impact of this innovation should be more beneficial for society rather than private individuals.  But just imagine if social innovation could be applied to business, as … Continued

The shifting image of social entrepreneurship

The classic definition of social entrepreneurship is an enterprise which makes a profit by providing a solution to a social problem. But this is not always strictly true.  Social enterprise takes many forms, only some of which generate any kind of profit or revenue. Some companies take advantage of government funding, public and private grants … Continued

History and Social Enterprise

  It seems as if a social enterprise has the reputation of being new but we all know that while the label is new, the business of doing good has been around for a long time. Whether it was always actually beneficial for the affected people in need, is a different matter. I pointed out … Continued

How social entrepreneurship is affecting change?

  As the world changes, so does business.  Nowhere can this be seen more than in the growth of social entrepreneurship.  And what this means is that as social entrepreneurs, we need to learn to be confident enough in our beliefs not to get caught up in current trends and fashions in the new and … Continued

Nyasha finalist in ZIWA Awards 2016

nyasha-gwatidzo Nyasha was listed as a finalist at  ZIWA 2016  in the “Humanitarian Award” category. Stella Musiyiwa kindly attended the event in Leicester on Nyasha’s behalf on 29th October.